E-commerce or electronic commerce started in the year,   1970 is nearing its golden jubilee year.  It has seen a lot of evolution and the best is reserved for 2019.  All the changes were only for better to make both the buyer and seller happy. The traditional way of commerce is slowly receding now with the rapid increase of e-commerce in the last decade.

Dream of eCommerce website:

For every e-commerce website, it is a dream to be on the first page of their search.  With the stalwarts like Amazon, it is really hard to compete with them to be on the first page.  This is the real issue faced by many to even say that SEO Services is dead.  But it is totally untrue.  SEO is alive and kicking.  But it has to be improved in all ways to get that dream of yours to come true.  It could be content, structure, SMO Services or anything that makes your ROI good and to develop your company as per your wish.


Storm by smartphones in eCommerce:

This storm of increase is only due to the usage of smartphones.  The availability of high-speed 4G and 5G has transformed the e-commerce business once and for all.  Everyone with a smartphone can order from anywhere, anytime and anything.  Time is the factor which could separate a seller from the buyer.  With the latest developments, this has been reduced with immediate actions by smartphones.  The following are the 10 effective e-commerce SEO tips for better business.

  1. Optimize e-commerce site for mobile:

This is the need of the hour and it should be done with the latest features for easy mobile navigation to convert visits to customers.

  1. Go for unique and exuberant content:

Fresh blood has to be pumped for content generation.  Today’s youth with their innovative ideas could rejuvenate content in all forms.

  1. Totally avoid duplicate content:

With nearly 50 years of e-commerce marketing, the product descriptions are limited to a few fancy words.  This has to be revisited and completely changed to avoid duplicate content with is very bad for e-commerce business.

  1. UGC & product reviews:

Make each and every product page unique and fresh to get free user-generated content.  The feedback in the form of testimonials is the best form of fresh content.  A research confirms that 70 % of people check review before purchase.

  1. Use social media to the optimum level:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap-chat, LinkedIn and many more social media network details and their changes could be well used for e-commerce business.

  1. Utilize a proper blog to promote e-commerce products:

A unique blog can be utilized to bring in customers.  The fresh and quality contents which are manuals and guides for buying could be used along with proper internal back-links.  The discounts, offers, tips, shows, events, and many more could be displayed in the blog for better promotion.

  1. Use long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords provide better conversion rate with more visibility.  Also the meta tags, H1 tags could be used optimally for better results.

  1. Use a clean URL structure for easy navigation of customers:

The customer is king and when he is on the search for his need should be treated so.  All the necessary navigation facilities like differentiating the prices, brands, sizes, colors, and many should be done with proper URL structure for transforming visits to purchases.

  1. Avoid keyword stuffing:

The keyword is important no doubt about that, but it should naturally sync with the content and should not be the odd one out.

Last words:

The above 10 effective e-commerce SEO tips are part and parcel of Digital Net India SEO services for many successful years.