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How to choose a Domain name for your website

Your website2019  domain name is an important aspect in establishing your online presence.It helps to have a domain name that people will remember, can spell, represents your business, and is catchy.When picking a domain name, keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb. The fewer characters your domain has the less likely people are to type it in wrong, and the more likely they are to remember it.n

Using your business name is ideal, as it is part of your branding. If your business name is unavailable then a keyword that is used in your industry can be a good substitute.Avoid using hyphens in your domain name. People tend to forget them, get confused, use _ instead of – , or the other way round. You want to avoid confusing clients because theyu2019re likely to move on to your competitor whose domain name they do remember.nnBe wary of using a domain name that is similar to a competitor. You donu2019t want your customers or clients to accidently stumble on the competitionu2019s website.

If youu2019re unsure about what domain name youu2019d like for your new website, talk to the team at FatWeb, we can help you find a domain name that avoids all potential problems and will become an important part of your online presence.


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