These days, businesses are focusing more on online experience and ways to stand out in the market. In this post, we will discuss how to improve your traffic and organic reach. This way, you can look for some of the best SEO solutions to drive engagement. The key here is to gain more traffic and drive conversions. Here are some of the scenarios and their solutions –

You don’t know the right keywords to rank for

It is very crucial to target the right keywords to get the best results. You need to target the most relevant and valuable keywords to your services or product.

Steps to know the right keywords

  • Keywords must be relevant to your services or products
  • They should have a large search volume to target the worthwhile audience. It may vary as per the country and how specific your service or product is. It is very vital to use your judgment.

Best tools for Keyword Research

  • Moz Keyword Explorer – This keyword research tool is helpful to search for millions of relevant keywords. It shows top ranking sites, keyword suggestions, and all the metrics you need.
  • Keyword Generator/Keyword Explorer from Ahrefs – These tools help you find new keywords for variations, targets, generating keyword ideas, and looking at search volume.
  • Google Trends – With this platform, you can check the search trend for select keyword groups. Compare the keywords to one another and find the search trends on a monthly basis about the topic. You don’t have to target the wrong keywords considering these trends. Some keywords are known to have higher search volume on a monthly basis.
  • Google Search Console – With this tool, you can track website performance in organic searches and it is known to be the best resource for SEO. It is helpful to find out the right keywords to rank for and better or worse performing keywords over a time period.

You are getting Low Rankings

So you have found a drop on your website ranking in search results for specific keywords and you don’t know the reason? Actually, it is a kind of a black hole due to different reasons. Here are the ways to find out the problem –

  • Spot Check – There are some top performing keywords you may be using but you are not ranking well suddenly at the same position.
  • Rank Trackers – You can use a tool called “STAT” to enter in a list of keywords which can be used to track in a few days.
  • Average position – Use Google Search Console to see the average position ranking of a website and get the table which shows various ranks.

Bottom Line

We have discussed a couple of scenarios that often come across in digital marketing. If you don’t know the right keywords, we have suggested the best tools to find out relevant keywords.