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Content Marketing Company,Truly Believes ‘Content is King’

There is a lot being made out of the good old saying – ‘Content is King’ but we all know how content has been misused and abused in the name of content marketing. In the rush to get customers, most so-called marketers get caught up with content marketing semantics and in the bargain, lose sight of their goal, which is serving the customer. DNI is a content marketing company in Noida that hasn’t been carried away by the semantics of the content marketing process. Our one and only goal is to serve the customer as best as we could by constantly trying to add value to our service offerings.
Content marketing is certainly not hard selling a brand with a targeted blast of display ads persuading the customer to try out the brand. Traditional advertising has always tried to reach out to new customers and hardsell the brand to them. That’s not how a content marketing company in India works because the objective is not to bombard the target audience with the same hardsell message on and on. We believe in telling customers the brand story and we do that with a lot more intensity and focus as well, generating value that the customer appreciates.

How we build a Brand Story

When you are selling a service it is even more important that you pay attention to what the brand promises the customer. For instance, if it is a new motorbike that you are promoting, then think about why the customer should consider the motorbike over other more established brands. Going headlong into the technical and engineering details could prove difficult because today’s youth has access to a whole lot of information round the clock. Even otherwise, a motorbike enthusiast is generally very well informed about these machines that he dreams of.
The answer lies in building a story around the motorbike especially one that will quietly attract enthusiasts and generate a lot of interest among buyers. If the brand manager agrees to invest a part of his promotional budget on a cross country voyage from the southern to the northern tip of the country, it easily becomes the basis of a very captivating story that can be told over the different digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others. Just imagine the kind of traction your story will get when the story will get updated on these social media platforms at least thrice a day even as the motorbike voyage progresses.

Different ways of building up a story

It’s a great idea to hype up the breakthrough potential of a next generation product just like Microsoft did for a whole year before launching Windows that was going to revolutionize computing. Therefore, when it was time to launch, the world was fully ready for Windows and the rest of course is history. Credit should be given to the Microsoft marketing team for a story told very patiently and smartly. If the story of your breakthrough product is told in an innovative way across different media platforms, over a period of time before it is launched, you can create a kind of curiosity if not hunger for the product in the market.

DNI is among the few content writing services in Delhi NCR that adopts a long term approach for achieving the objectives of a well-thought out content marketing strategy. We are not merely happy with bringing in the traffic into your website because we know that unless you are able to convert a sizable chunk of that traffic into business, our job will remain incomplete. There are not many content marketing services in Greater Noida that cares as much about the conversions the client makes with the increased traffic that their efforts bring.

We ensure higher conversions for you by achieving a lower bounce rate, which means the increased traffic that comes into your website is spending more time reading the content on your website. This happens when the visitor finds anything meaningful and useful in the content that your website has to offer. This is where your website scales another level in the overall digital marketing efforts that it is making as your visitor is now a potential customer. DNI is that rare content marketing company in Noida, which has the willingness and ability to make the effort to produce the kind of content that truly makes sense of the saying, ‘Content is King’.

Our long term Content Marketing Strategy

Of course, once the visitor turns into a customer and is convinced with what your website has to say about your product or service offering, s/he needs a good user experience on website to start comparing the prices or straightaway loading the cart. DNI is a reputed content writing company in India that thinks through all of this when a client gives us the responsibility of managing the entire digital marketing of their website. We think long term because we want you to grow and have faith in our ability to sustain that growth for you, going forward.

DNI has the experience as one of the leading content writing services in Delhi NCR to understand that such a long term approach requires adequate investment in the right resources to build up a content development team of expert writers and managers. We are proud to say that we have the right resources in adequate quantity to handle your content development and marketing. We take great care in selecting the best available talent for our content development and marketing teams and that makes us one of the best content marketing services in Greater Noida and beyond.

We truly believe that ‘Content is King’ and to that extent we accord the right value to content, which is something that an average content marketing company in Noida doesn’t do. We strongly disapprove the approach which is to somehow beg, borrow and steal content from anywhere and everywhere and spin it around into illegible trash just to optimize it with questionable SEO techniques. Our overall approach is to play by the rules and respect the client’s genuine market outreach requirements.