Domain & Hosting Services

Do you want to see your business conquering the great heights? The solid web presence of your business can let you achieve the same for your business. At Digital Net India, we offer the comprehensive solutions for domain name registration and hosting services. After registering a domain name according to the nature/ name of your business, the next step is to securing the space in the web server to make your website live. There are multiple hosting plans available in the market. The type of your business, your budget, and the authenticity you want for your website are the most influential factors for selecting the hosting services.

Know Domain Registration Services at DNI Domain is like a surname to the name of your business. We provide the domain names with all the extensions such as .com, .in,, .org, etc. The first step while registering a domain is to check its availability. If it’s available, then you can proceed to buy the same. The domains secured with SSL certificate are little expensive than the public domains. We know how to register and which domain should be registered. Our domain registration services are trusted as well as cost-effective.

A Glimpse of Hosting Services at DNI The hosting services offered by us can be mainly categorized as following: Public Hosting: Opt for this hosting plan if you have no objection in sharing the server space with other websites. Owing to a shared server space, this hosting should not be taken if you have a paymentgateway integrated with your website. Secure Hosting: Opting for this hosting plan enables you to secure the server space individually for your website. This hosting plan is expensive if compared to public hosting plans. But it is 100% foolproof hosting plan, highly recommended for e-commerce websites. WordPress Hosting: We also offer WordPress hosting plans for the clients who trust WordPress to secure the database of their website and give web server space. Our plans for WordPress hosting are quite attractive. Don’t wait anymore for the most affordable domain registration and hosting services. Contact our experts now!