God is only known as omnipresent so far in the world.  The new omnichannel marketing is there everywhere like God.  With 2019 fast approaching it is time to review the digital marketing and look forward to success and sustainability.  The digital marketing has evolved to Omnichannel for better transactions of the customers.  All this is the only tip of the iceberg.  The main is yet to come.  AI and IOT are not far and could reach the digital marketing sooner or later.


To change for better digital marketing strategy in 2019:

To be ready for 2019 it is pertinent to note an old adage “with every new year we get one more chance to correct and change ourselves” is very much true even today.  This is more relevant in digital marketing which in the last two decades has seen more change than in any other field.  With digital marketing poised to go only one way in 2019 with the latest technological development, it is pertinent to be updated or left out.  To make better in 2019, the following digital marketing predictions for 2019 will be very much helpful for your digital marketing strategies for the future.

  1. Digital transformation Programmes:

The new popular trend in digital marketing is digital transformation programmes. A recent survey established the fact that in the coming year there will be continued interest in developing more of integrated digital marketing strategies across multiple channels.

Multichannel marketing:

Multichannel marketing allows your customer to complete their transactions in multiple channels.

Omnichannel marketing:

This new concept which is emerging fast in the digital market can be simply defined as multichannel marketing done right.  In other words, the navigation of the customer through multiple channels to complete their transactions are made easy and with mobility.

  1. To be on par with Google developments:

2018 has seen a lot of changes in the Google approach to digital marketing.  These and many more are going to be evolved more potentially in 2019.  Hence to cope up with it should be an important digital marketing strategy in 2019.  The following are the changes made by Google in 2018 and expected to be done in 2019.

  • The launch of Google marketing platform. The Ad words are now renamed as Ads in it.
  • Double click ad platform
  • Well integrated Data studio, Google Analytics, and AB testing through data studio
  • Penalization of sites with slow speed by Google is to enable Google’s Speed Update drive in 2019.
  • The proposed change in weighting algorithms to affect the slower sites if not improved within specified time limits.
  • There are expected evolutions in Google’s search snippets through the SERP’s analysis.
  1. Watching social media trends:

The American Government commissioned the annual Communications Market Review shows a lot of changes in social media usage during the last two years.

  • Facebook usage has declined among the youth and increased with elder people. But the Facebook messages has seen a sharp upsurge of B2C volume.  More than 8 billion message is being exchanged every month between people and business.  Also, it is important to note 78 % of smartphone users are messaging every month.
  • Instagram has seen increased more among teens, whereas Snapshot is more popular with youth than teens.
  • In the B2B sector, LinkedIn after its acquisition by Microsoft has increased by 41 % and the number of users to 562 million in 200 countries.