SEO or SMO   for the website ranking :- 

This is like asking which eye is better for the human body.  Both are essential and basic digital marketing methods for higher ranking of websites.  Both contribute on their own to boost the website rankings and thus increase the ROI for the development of all businesses.

For any blogger or webmaster like Digitalnet India to implement search engine optimisation and social media optimisation are in the form of three questions?

  1. What are the similarities and differences between SEO & SMO?
  2. Does optimizing website for search engines hinder Social media optimisation efforts? Or vice versa.
  3. Can both SEO and SMO co-exist for the betterment of the website or blog?

It is important to know how SEO and SMO increase the website rankings to answer the above questions along with the main issue of who is the better of SEO or SMO for the website ranking?


How SEO increase rankings?

Search Engine Optimisation is practiced digital marketing method for more than two decades now.  Even after its implementation way back in the mid-1990s it is still a mystery to many with all its simple and fairly basic concepts.  The lack of proper knowledge of it is the problem.  Also, the cost effect plays a vital part.

The SEO services come with a price tag which is not suitable for many.  And the best who have proper knowledge of it naturally charge more for their professionalism.  The other main factor is it takes time for more productive traffic.  Initially, the traffic generation is hard and when it is achieved, converting the clicks to customers is even harder.  This is only achieved with prudence and perseverance over a period of time for long time benefits.

How SMO increase rankings?

Social media optimisation is a digital marketing method for less than a decade.  It is mostly considered as one form of SEO. Since its inception in 2010, it has grown by way number of outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the knowledge and awareness of a product, event or service brands.  Social media initially was involved with RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites.

With the introduction of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, video sharing websites and blogging sites the SMO bloomed to its peak for the past few years.  But the success of blogs and other social media platforms are not a steady one.  They have their own peaks and valleys in terms of traffic and rankings.

Social media optimisation is to strategically create exuberant and exceptional online content, attractive eye-catching photos and video clips to bring in traffic.  These are shared by a large community-based people like friends, contacts, relatives and among others through its web link.  Likes, retweeting, comments on posts, sharing and promoting content are the ways of social media engagement.  AI or artificial is nowadays used in SMO to generate higher volumes of web traffic and hence rankings.


Similarities and differences between SEO and SMO:

  • SEO depends on- page and of – page elements. SMO depends on visual and content attention.
  • Inbound links in SEO determine rankings. In SMO links are rewards of success.
  • Titles in both SEO and SMO are important for rankings
  • Content is read by search engine spiders in SEO and by human beings in SMO
  • Structure plays a vital role in SEO but it is less important in SMO
  • The analysis is important in both SEO and SMO

Last words:

Though there are similarities and differences between SEO and SMO both help in rankings and when both sync well as in Digital Net India to make a great website or blog.